Extra-Curricular Programme

Every school worth its salt should have a strong programme of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities for pupils to take part in. Extracurricular activities help children to develop social skills as well as collaboration skills.

Management is inspired to adjust the early morning hours on the school’s time-table to include effective extra-curricular activities between the time the children arrive in school and the time assembly starts (7.00am to 8:00am). At this time the school usually observes the “silence hour”. With the new adjustment, the school will devote two days, Tuesdays and Thursdays to extra-curricular activities.

Extra-Curricular Programme
Extra-Curricular Programme
Extra-Curricular Programme

By this we move, we seek to make room for those children whose future and destiny depend on not only the mental but also the artistic aptitude in music, art and creativity. Such children have the right to unearth and sharpen their talents and should not be continued to sacrificing them on the altar of reading and writing only. And it’s our duty as a school to give them the exposure. Any concerned parent cannot but support this course.

Activities include:

  • Chess/Scrabble Club
  • Reader & Writers Club
  • Cadet Corps
  • School Band
  • Drama Club
  • Junior Choir (Reception - Grade 3)
  • Senior Choir (Grades 4 - 10)
  • Tae Kwon Do

We foresee a rejuvenation of the spirit of Angels that gave the culture of confidence in the children in Angels and even a boost in academic performance.